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Dog Day Care

We currently have a waitlist for our Dog Daycare program. Please call (859) 279-1862 for more information.

Your dog will love Ruff Arena. Our newly renovated climate controlled indoor play area offers a safe place for your dog to play and socialize with others during their day in dog day care. We recognize that not all dogs are one-size-fits-all. LexPets offers a unique combination of off-leash playtime and kennel rest individualized for your dog. We focus on social skills and basic obedience. After a day in our dog daycare, your pet should go home at the end of the day tired and better mannered.

  • Playtime is scheduled based on your dog’s size, age, energy level, and play style.
  • Emphasis is placed on social skills and basic obedience.
  • Brand new pet-friendly flooring designed to be slip-free and easy on the paws.
  • Roomy individual kennels for resting and relaxing.

Commonwoof Stadium is our large outdoor play area. Your dog can enjoy fresh air and sunshine instead of staying cooped up at home all day. Spending time outdoors is vital to a happy and healthy pet. Dog day care sessions are separated into smaller playgroups based on play style and energy level, so that your dog will feel comfortable to play like a Kentucky Wildcat.

  • All-season outdoor yard with hygienic artificial grass and shaded area.
  • Fenced in area provides a place for potty breaks to keep your pet on a regular routine.
  • Variation in temperatures helps your pet’s coat stay on a more normal shedding cycle.
  • All of the interesting sights and smells will keep your dog engaged and alert.

Vaccinations Required – Proof of current vaccinations from licensed veterinarian

  • Canine DHPP and Rabies 1- or 3-year vaccine, fecal exam, and Bordetella

Health and Safety

  • Senior pets welcome. Pets with special needs may be accommodated. Call to discuss situation and pricing.
  • We cannot accept any guest with stitches, bandages, casts, splints or wearing a head-cone.
  • We cannot accept any pet that is pregnant or in heat.
  • Puppies must be at least 4 months of age and have all their vaccinations before participating in a full day of daycare.
  • All pets must be flea-free. Treatment will be given at owner’s expense if pet arrives with fleas or ticks.
  • We try to accommodate all dog personalities but we do require an evaluation prior to your pet’s first stay.

Interested in an overnight stay? Visit our Dog Boarding page!

Daycare Rates

  • $35/day for the first dog
  • $28 for each additional dog.[/accordion-item][/accordion]

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